Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who is Wade Waters?

The Maryland/D.C.  based hip-hop duo has been tearing up the rap scene ever since their creative debut with their first album "Dark Waters" in 2006. Appearing on the album is a score of impressive names within the industry including legendary, Brooklyn-based producer AZ, 9th Wonder and Cuban Link (formerly of the Terror Squad). The duo itself is made comprised of MCs SoulStice and Haysoos.

Wade Waters is bringing back real hip-hop in my mind

In the underground rap/hip-hop community where intelligent rap and suave lyrics are rewarded, Wade Waters can hold their own against anyone.  Both SoulStice and Haysoos hold advanced degrees: Haysoos is a PhD candidate/recipient from the University of Maryland while SoulStice has advanced degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

To get a sense of their style, check out the links below:

"Rock Solid" is off of "Dark Waters" and gives you a good overall sense of their music spectrum.

Personal favorite of theirs has to be "Wanna Be Free" (I love Pandora)

Listen for the "rock the vote...dropped the soap line." It's nuts!

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