Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Ray Charles" Video Released

Two days ago, I awoke to an email from one of my absolute favorite trendy pop/hip-hop groups -- Chiddy Bang. As anyone with a music pulse should know, the duo first broke onto the scene a few years ago with "Opposite Of Adults," sampling a MGMT hook. How over the smash hit making machine has been a little quiet as of late. Fortunately for hip-hop heads everywhere, Chiddy Bang released a teaser video to their upcoming album "Breakfast" which drops in February.


Download the "Ray Charles" single here:

Chiddy Bang - Ray Charles by dubspain

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fresh New Mac Miller Video: "Of The Soul"

Mac Miller released a music video for a recent song of his, "Of The Soul", from his latest studio album "Blue Slide Park" (album review by Rolling Stone). It's definitely not his best work but it's still a quality track that deserves a little recognition; the beat and catchy hook in the background are both enjoyable. It's also interesting that the song title really doesn't reflect the lyrics very well. But who couldn't look at this Pittsburgh hooligan without smiling a little?

This is definitely one of those songs that you'll want to show your friends, so enjoy!

Here is a download link for the track.