Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Asher Roth: More than a "One-Hit" Wonder

In the spring of 2008, everyone and their mother heard about how much Asher Roth loves college. When his single "I Love College" came out, however, no one had ever heard of the Pennsylvania native before; he was even confused with Eminem in both looks and flow. Yet, believe it or not, Asher has been busy while the world was focused elsewhere.

The most famous ginger rapper...ever
Not only has Asher been signed to a label, put out several mixtapes, toured with Kid Cudi, Blink-182 and B.o.B., and been promoting his upcoming album that will be released in 2011, but he's also been putting in time in the studio.

XXL cover with Wale, B.o.B. and Charles Hamilton (from L to R)
Thus, it's only fair for me to share some of his tracks that haven't made it to the radio waves. I truly feel like Roth is an above average rapper who has yet to fully hit his stride. I guess only time will tell! Nonetheless, peep these tracks and tell me what you think. How high is the ceiling for Roth? He's certainly more talented than most of the rappers who top the charts today. But I digress...

"G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It's A New Day)"

"Sour Patch Kids"

"(Stop) Waiting On The World To Change"

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