Friday, April 29, 2011

A Grab Bag of New Blue Scholars' Hits

If I could be friends with any artist/MC in the entire rap game, it would easily be Geo (once known as Geologic) of the Blue Scholars. While I've posted about the Seattle-based duo in the past (DJ Sabzi rounds produces beats for Geo to rhyme across), I've never really delved into how much they mean to me as a group.

I feel they're not this intimidating in person.

After listening to them for fewer than five minutes, it's blatantly apparent to anyone with a sense of musically skill that these cats are wired to make truly fantastic, esthetically wondrous and downright filthy good music. Whenever I throw on Blue Scholars, I'm instantly in a better mood.

Blue Scholars catch musical fire
Perhaps what impresses me most about the Blue Scholars is that they manage to stay humble and true to their roots despite they've made it big (or at least have a very faithful following) in the music industry. I also love that Geo raps about things that are real --work, wages, family, friends, love and heartbreak-- and relegates the average rap topics like hos, rims and drugs to the curb.

I hope you get caught up in the Blue Scholars are too!

"Big Bang Hank"

"50 Thousand Deep"


"New People [Remix]"

(A remix of an song by Empire of the Sun)

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