Monday, April 18, 2011

Blue Scholars and The XX: Two Genres, Two Great Songs, One Hook

While I spend a lot of my time and energy hunting down new hip-hop and rap artists, I also am a huge fan of indie rock. So, upon hearing the Blue Scholars' "Lumiere," I immediately recognized that song as a remix of a British indie rock group The XX's  song "Intro." It's from the group's album "xx," which came out in 2009; perhaps the most well-known song on the album is "Crystalised."

The XX are ironically hipster. Or maybe they aren't...

But, let's not get off track. This is a blog about hip-hop, and perhaps even indie rap, but it shouldn't dwell on other musical genres. It's simply nice to appreciate that there are fantastically talented artists in every genre and when they coordinate they efforts, the product is often incredible. "Lumiere" is a track that resonates with me on a deep, personal level and it's clear that Geo and Sabzi put a lot of time and effort into doing The XX's work justice.

Blue Scholars are Seattle's rap pride
Also, make sure you check out this other blog about the same two tracks. It includes a free download. Please enjoy!

"Lumiere" by Blue Scholars

"Intro" by The XX

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