Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Brief Tribute to Gang Starr

Certainly not a budding artist in the world of hip-hop, as they have already blossomed, Gang Starr broke into the music scene in 1985 and officially ended their music production in 2004. Teaming up in the mid-1980s to create an epic rap duo were MC Guru and DJ premier.  Gang Starr has left indelible marks on current, and likely future rap stars, with their jazzy beats, intelligent lyrics and positive message.

DJ Premier (left) hails from Houston while Guru is from Boston

Writing this in February, it's important for me to reflect on the impact Gang Starr, and specifically MC Guru, had upon the development of East coast rap.  After all, it was one year ago when Guru slipped into a coma. He passed away from cancer-related causes on April 19, 2010.

Guru was born in 1966 and was 48 years old

Years before his death, Guru said that he wished his work as the vocal half of Gang Starr could not be associated with his ex-DJ (premier).  Their relationship had become strained even before his passing.

Check out my favorite songs of Gang Starr's:

The "Make your head explode just by my lyrical content" line gets me every time

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