Thursday, February 17, 2011

CunninLynguists: Seriously Silly

With a name that belies their hip-hop maturity, the CunninLynguists are a three-headed rap monster based in Lexington, Kentucky. Hailing from Georgia, MC Kno has teamed up with Kentucky-based Natti and Deacon the Villian (MC and DJ respectively).

The group dropped their 5th studio album in December, 2010

The group's first LP was titled "Will Rap for Food" (2001) while their second, impressively-layered album is called "SouthernUnderground" (2003).  They have worked along side the likes of Supastition, RJD2, Tone Def and Masta Ace. The CunninLynguists are know for their intrepid rhyming skills, playful banter and almost comical lyrics.


I really love the violin hook.


"Love Ain't"

What makes these guys great is that they balance seriousness and silliness surprisingly well.

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