Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lupe Fiasco's "Lasers:" A First Taste

While Lupe Fiasco may have performed and toured with some of the game's most mainstream rap acts, the message he sends is far from common. Espousing positivity and individuality, among other principles, this Chicago-born MC's new album "Lasers" is set to drop on March 8th.

Fiasco's parents were not keen on his rap/hip-hop interests when he was young

Lupe has officially released two complete albums: "Food and Liquor" (2006) and "The Cool" (2007). Many hip-hop listeners, mainstream or underground, first got a taste of Lupe's flow when he was featured in Kayne West's 2006 track "Touch the Sky."

Check out his songs on "Lasers" which have already been released. 

(this song samples Modest Mouse's "Float On")

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