Saturday, April 2, 2011

MURS: One Badass Emcee

MURS, originally born as Nick Carter in Los Angeles, CA, is one of my favorite rappers in all of the underground hip-hop game. While his beats and hooks aren't as impressive as other producers' (such as DJ Sabzi, DJ Premiere or Jake One), Carter does such a fantastic job of blending simplistic, blue-collar rhymes with witty phrases and real-life rap ballads. His stage name, an acronym, either stands for "Making the Universe Recognize and Submit or  "Making Underground Raw Shit."Also, his hair is the most impressive thing I've seen in years. It simply defies gravity.

What is going on on top of his cranium? 
What's even better is that you can tell he writes from personal experience, from his heart. On the mic, MURS reminds me of Atmosphere's "Slug," Brother Ali, the Living Legends, Zion 1,  or even Jurassic 5.

As per usual, here are some of my favorite songs from one of my favorite solo artists. Enjoy!

"The Break Up Song"


"Barbershop" feat. Rapper Big Pooh

"Silly Girl"

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