Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Atmosphere's second single released from "The Family Sign" PLUS lesser-known classics

When people ask me what type of music I listen to, I have a nearly impossible time categorizing my musical taste. I especially have this issue when it comes to my hip-hop preferences. I have my days when I can' get enough of newer groups (such as Chiddy Bang, J. Cole, Fortune Family and even Jay Electronica). But at other times, I comfortably resort back to classic hip-hop icons like Talib Kweli, Gangstarr, A Tribe Called Quest and Jurassic 5. Yet, no matter what mood I'm in, I always enjoy listening to Atmosphere.

The fiercest rap duo today; MC Sean "Slug" Daley on the right
So, in celebration of their forthcoming album, which will be released on April 12th, I've posted the second single of the album, "The Family Sign." Below are also a nice smattering of classic hits of theirs which I couldn't live without. Hopefully, even the biggest Atmosphere experts haven't heard these tracks!

"She's Enough" -2nd single from their next album

"Lyndale Avenue User's Manual"

"66th Street"

"Wild Wild Horses"

"Keys to life Vs. 15 Minutes of Fame"

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  1. Hey man I was peeped on your blog by my good friend Andy Flowe. Good shit, atmosphere is one of my favorites too (I only recognized 'keys to life...' from this list and I have like 150 of their songs lol). I'm expecting good things from Family Sign but nothing can top their shit from God Loves Ugly and Sevens Travels..

    If you get a chance check out my hip hop blog willblogforhiphop.wordpress.com.. its more content based and im just getting it started but I like what I got so far. Im drafting a post on the top 10 producers of all time (obviously Ant is on there) so you should peep it.

    Good looks!